About us

Company profile

J&C Bachmann GmbH was founded in 2009 in the town of Bad Wildbad in the northern Black Forest as continuation of the firm PCI Engineering, and specializes in automation of industrial measurement and control tasks. The focus of our work lies in the development and application of physical and imaging analysis methods as well as in the implementation of systems for process automation. These include x-ray and laser-based measuring devices for determining material properties, but also image analysis for quality monitoring. In close cooperation with our industry partners, complex tasks such as robotic automation of manufacturing steps can also be solved.

Industry partner

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, is increasingly reducing their own resources in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstrumentation, control and automation (ICA). While measurement and control technicians were available around the clock a decade ago to be able to intervene immediately in the event of malfunction, today this is often only the case during the morning shift. The result is that the planning and construction of the measuring systems, controls and regulations that monitor production have to be taken over more and more by external companies. In this field the company J&C Bachmann GmbH with its experienced team of physicists and experts in the fields of control engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and IT is available with tailor-made solutions.

Responsibility and sustainability

In a world where resources are becoming scarcer as demand increases and climate change threatens our living space, responsible and sustainable behavior is becoming increasingly important. This applies in particular to the extraction of raw materials. The systems developed by J&C Bachmann GmbH are designed to measure important process parameters at an early stage and thus ensure the sustainable use of existing resources. This means that environmental protection and profitability go hand in hand.