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X-ray measurement technology

X-rays can be utilized by a variety of measurement techniques to determine physical properties of materials without contact. Low-energy x-ray sources are generally used in this case, and in many cases the x-ray intensity is so low that no radiation can be detected outside the measuring device. The measuring unit is switched off during device optimization and maintenance. In addition, x-ray measurement techniques are non-destructive, so the irradiated material does not undergo any changes during the measurement.


Determination of the composition of bulk goods


Determination of the composition of liquids and suspensions


Washability analysis of ores


Borehole probe for elemental analysis


Elemental analysis of drilling dust


Determination of particle size distribution

Optical measurement technology

For the automatic monitoring of production, JCB has developed a universal image processing system that can be easily adapted to the specialized needs of the user.


Image processing software for quality control in production


Complex problems require elaborate solutions.The members of our software team are not only experts in programming but are also measurement and control engineers. Therefore the software packages are user-friendly solutions designed for 24/7 operation. Intuitive operation and easy-to-handle calibration and report function are the most noteworthy features of the software. in addition to our standard software packages, we are specialize in the realization of individual solutions for any problems. Because a wide selection of existing software modules are available, individualized solutions as well as OEM software solutions can be realized rapidly with a reasonable effort.


Online monitoring of material compositions


Uninterrupted characterization of boreholes


universal calibration program


Determination of size-destiny relationship of the particles in a mineral sample