Project Description


Inline Borehole Element Recognition and Identification Analysis

The reconnaissance of deposits is done by extensive exploration drilling. The borehole debris is collected for later analysis in the laboratory. This is a time consuming and expensive procedure. Furthermore, the derived samples represent an average of a remarkable drilling distance so that information about small shifts will be lost.

The borehole probes developed by JCB are based on X ray fluorescence and offer the logging of the borehole immediately after drilling. The results are therefore available in time and can be transferred automatically into a deposit map. This enables an active control of the deposit reconnaissance, using the BOSTON software.


There are many different applications with a variety of requirements for IBERIA. Therefore several different versions of IBERIA were developed to meet these demands.


This probe with a body diameter of 125mm is optimized for blastholes.


This probe with a diameter of 95 mm is suited for larger exploration holes as well as for blastholes.


The smallest borehole probe fits in many exploration holes and can be used up to a depth of 500 m..


The CPT version is especially designed for use with cone penetration testing tips.

All diameters of IBERIA are also available as REE version which uses a special X-ray tube to excite rare earth elements.


IBERIA CPT Services provided by GEccOTEC

GEccOTEC provides CPT services based on IBERIA probes. Scope of service are:

  • Rental of IBERIA CPT and other CPT probes including CPT truck
  • Service personell experienced with IBERIA/CPT
  • Data evaluation and modeling

Extended services comprise bioleaching of tailings containing base metals or other commodities in relevant concentrations.

IBERIA Borehole Services provided by DEA

J&C Bachmann and Wireline Service Group, Perth, WA, Australia have formed a joint venture which provides borehole services based on IBERIA probes. Scope of service are:

  • Rental of IBERIA probes including winch on a truck
  • Rental of other probes
  • Service personell experienced with IBERIA
  • Data evaluation
  • Data modeling

Currently these services are offered in Europe, South Africa and South America.