Project Description


MOnitoring of STAcking and Reclaiming

The quality of commodities can be determined using our X-ray fluorescence devices TEXAS and FLORIDA. However, the knowledge of the quality is not sufficient to improve the product. This requires to realize efficient feed forward or feed back control circuits based on the online acquired quality information.

The MOSTAR software is used for the documentation of stacking and reclaiming of commodity heaps as well as for feed forward control of the heap buildup. MOSTAR communicates directly with the XRF software MONACO while it also acquires key information from the stacker and reclaimer like feed rates and positions. Using this information MOSTAR creates a model of the built up respectively reclaimed heap and offers detailed information about the quality variation inside of the heap.
The software system can be also used to control the stacker in order to build up a more uniform heap.

The development was done in cooperation with KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)).