X-ray Based Measurement

The use of measuring equipment based on X ray radiation offersthe contactless determination of layer thickness, density, weight per area or material composition. In most caseslow energy X ray sources can be used.

Normally the X ray radiation is limited to the measurement path itself so that outside of the equipment radiation can hardly be detected. If maintenance of the production device is required the measurement will be switched off; then no radiation will be present. Material properties are not changed or influenced by the radiation.

Typical applications of X ray based measuring devices are:


  • determination of bulk material composition


  • determination of slurry or suspension composition


  • washability monitor for mining


  • borehole probe


  • borehole debris analyzer


  • particle size analysis
-measurement of layer thicknesses
-measurement of material thicknesses (steel tape, paper etc.)
-measurement of density in slurries
-image analysis (disbonding, cavities etc.)

The image shows a mass per area determination on coated steel tape.