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The company, originally located in Bad Wildbad, Northern Blackforest started in 2002 as PCI engineering and was renamed to J&C Bachmann in 2009. J&C Bachmann is specialized on the realization of industrial measurement and control applications. Topics are the development and application of physical and image based analysis methods for process automation and control. It is focused on measuring devices for the determination of material properties, but also on image analysis for quality assurance.

Due to the company’s growth, J&C Bachmann´s production and R&D site relocated to Karlsbad in October 2014. Quadruple space offered better working conditions and provides the space for continuous growth. Located close to Karlsruhe, the new site enabled short ways to our cooperation partner KIT.

Further growth and the need for more space required further expansion. Presently the company has three locations. While the legal office is in Pfinztal, the R&D laboratories are located in Karlsruhe-Neureut. Since 2018 production take place in Pforzheim; additional offices at the same place could be found in 2020 and offer the required space for further growth.

Most companies are going to reduce the own capacities in control and automation due to the strong competition in the industry. While ten years ago most companies provided own staff on a 24/7 base to maintain service today this personell is often available only on morning shift. This results in outsourcing of design and realization of measuring and control circuits to external companies. J&C Bachmann GmbH with its experienced team of physicists and engineers (feedback control, mechanical, electrical and process engineering, information technology) fills this gap.

Responsibility and Sustainability

In a world with increasing demand on shrinking resources and with the challenges of the climate change which affects our life responsible and sustainable action becomes more and more important. This affects especially the production of commodities.

The devices developed by J&C Bachmann GmbH are designed to acquire important process parameters early in the processing and therefore allow the sustainable use of the available resources. Therefore ecologic and economic requirements does not exclude each other but work together.


Responsibility and Sustainability

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