Welcome to the J&C Bachmann GmbH web site!

J&C Bachmann GmbH is a globally active enterprise specialized in the development of measurement devices, especially for industry and mining use. Our expertise in x-ray-based measurement is recognized all over the world. We develop devices for the global market. Some of our devices are marketed under our own name, while other devices are OEM developments for international corporations.
Here you will find an overview of the products and services of our company.
If the products are of interest for you and you want to know more then please do not hesitate to contact us or your local representative using the contact form or by phone. We will respond immediately !


  • Online elemental analysis:
    • TEXAS
      • Bulk materials
      • X-ray fluorescence
      • no sampling required
      • Suspensions and Solutions
      • X-ray fluorescence
      • no sampling required


  • Image analysis:
    • OSLO
      • Optical evaluation and measurement for quality control of production
    • PANAMA
      • On belt analysis of particle size distribution of bulk materials
      • Optical evaluation


  • Geology and Prospection:
    • IBERIA
      • borehole probe
      • elemental analysis
      • X-ray fluorescence
      • analysis of borehole debis
      • elemental analysis
      • X-ray fluorescence


  • Mining and preparation:
    • OREGON
      • washability monitor
      • no chemicals required
      • combined optical and radiometric measurement
      • suitable for typical density range of ore (coal...iron ore)


Representatives wanted!

As the business is increasing strongly we are currently looking for representatives for marketing our products in the following countries/regions:

- Eastern Europe
- South East Asia
- South Corea

If your company is interested in representing us please contact us:



Grant Agreement Number: 835678