mining measurement technology

Development of measurement devices: mining measurement technology

J&C Bachmann GmbH is a globally active enterprise specialised in the development of measurement devices, especially for the industry and mining use.

Our expertise in x-ray-based measurement is recognised all over the world, as we develop devices for the global market.

Some of our devices are marketed under our name, while others are OEM developments for international corporations.

We support our customers with tailored solutions in the following fields. And on our website, you will also find an overview of the products and services of our company.

Technology and solutions for process control and quality monitoring

J&C Bachmann delivers technology and solutions for process control and quality monitoring in demanding industries. Typical applications are in:

  • mining
  • recycling
  • environmental
  • and automotive manufacturing industries.

The J&C Bachmann in-house team of scientists, engineers, software developers and project managers

Building on over 20 years of experience – provides unique core competencies with:

  • The development of solutions to include the application of physical methods
    and customised software
  • Designing and manufacturing systems and equipment for Online Element
  • Qualifying and validate performance in our test centre and lab
  • One-source systems and solutions: from concepts to commissioning
  • Maintenance services: from remote monitoring to local site support
    and training

Our key technologies implemented are X-Ray Fluorescent Element Analysis, Microwave Moisture measurement, Near-Infrared Measurement and Spectrometry.

Our key equipment and products are XRF Online Analysers as well as multiplexer and moisture measurement instruments. The key applications of our company meet coal, minerals, metals, plastics in exploration, process and recycling requirements.

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