Application Platinum-Group Metals

The platinum-group metals PGMs; also called platinum-group elements (PGEs) are six noble, precious metallic elements Platinum (Pt), Osmium (OS), Iridium (Ir), Ruthenium (Ru), Rhodium (Rh) and Palladium (Pd)
Major deposits and production occur in Russia and South Africa. South African PGM is primarily in the form of Merensky, UG2 and Platreef ores. In South African ore types, the FLORIDA XRF unit has succesfully measured PGM’s to Parts Per Million (PPM) levels. Where PGM concentrations are too low for direct measurement, prediction is based on correlation and proxies with other measured metals, typically Fe, Ni, Cu and Cr2O3.


To improve resolution at low concentrations the system can be optimised by
• Increasing measurement times
• Increasing detector sensitivity
• Eliminating losses in XRF transmission and detection with highly XRF transmissive interface between Detector and Slurry
For more information about PGM measurement please contact
International: Albertus Heydenrych
Europe: Alexander Von Sengbush

Testwork Based on the following parameters
• 40% solid Concentration
• 1.8 m/s flow velocity
The Accuracy is based on the mean averaged error, the scatter of the measured mean values around the expected lab values.
The Precision is the standard deviation of 30 measurements of one sample over 30 minutes (here divided by the corresponding mean value and again averaged, so you get this relative figure)

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