Competencies Software Development

Software plays an important role in all J&C Bachmann products.
In the case of the software that we deliver as part of our products, user-friendliness is of particular importance, as is the particularly good integration into the overall system thanks to in-house development.
In-house development also provides advantages for the software we develop as part of R&D projects or as an OEM. The use of current technologies allows us to develop advanced systems within a very short time and to adapt them exactly to the respective necessities.

All of our softwares feature modern, user-friendly interfaces as can be seen on the screenshots.

Advanved algorithms form the core of the evaluation logic. We combine well-known libraries such as OpenCV or Numpy with custom code as required.

We build on current technology, resulting in future-proof systems, and add new technologies as they emerge. As such we currently use Networked Sensors (IoT), Timeseries DB, AI, Web, APIs.

Our softwares offer a lot of different interfaces. So many in fact, that they got their own section below.

Many different interfaces are available for different purposes:

  • User Interface
  • SCADA integration
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Statistics


The following interfaces are available by default, but we are capable of adding more on demand!

  • Graphical User Interfaces
    • Web-based, Android, Windows
  • Export of Excel Reports
  • OpenAPI JSON Interface
  • Database Views
  • Field Busses
    • ProfiNet, ModbusTCP, etc
  • Digital/Analog IO Converters


Standard Software packages

Our devices are equipped with highly sophisticated software packages which are upgraded continuously


  • online monitoring of material composition


  • continuous real time borehole logging


  • universal calibration software for measuring systems


  • Determination of dependency between density and particle size including particle sorting. This
    software is also used for image processing


  • Density determination using X-ray transmission


  • Documentation of stacking and reclaiming of commodity heaps

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