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Complex problems require elaborated solutions.The members of our software team are not only experts in programming but are also measurement and control engineers. Therefore the software packages are user friendly solutions made for 24/7 operation. Intuitive operation and easy to handle calibration and report function are the remarkable features of the software. Beside our standard software packages we are specialized on the realization of individual solutions for any problems. Since a wide selection of existing
software modules are available individual solutions as well as OEM software solutions can be realized in short time with reasonable effort.

J&C Bachmann has developed software packages to work with the products of several customers. This includes not only the sensors used as a standard by J&C Bachmann but also optical and acceleration sensors.

Standard Software packages

Our devices are equipped with highly sophisticated software packages which are upgraded continuously


  • online monitoring of material composition


  • continuous real time borehole logging


  • universal calibration software for measuring systems


  • Determination of dependency between density and particle size including particle sorting. This
    software is also used for image processing


  • Density determination using X-ray transmission


  • Documentation of stacking and reclaiming of commodity heaps

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