Our company philosophy is not to offer standard products, but tailor-made, customer-oriented solutions. Here, the process integration and the ease of use of the measurement and monitoring systems are of particular importance.

Our solutions use high-quality standard industrial assemblies. If a special component is not available, suitable modules will be developed in cooperation with our partners.

Particularly noteworthy is that the software development is realized in-house. This concerns both the firmware of sensors as well as user-specific software based on the operating systems MS Windows or LINUX / Android.

Industrial Quality Control

X-Ray based measurements

The use of measuring equipment based on X ray radiation offers the contactless determination of layer thickness, density, weight per area or material composition.




IBERIA Borehole probe


The reconnaissance of deposits is done by extensive exploration drilling. The borehole debris is collected for later analysis in the laboratory. This is a time consuming and expensive procedure. Furthermore, the derived samples represent an average of a remarkable drilling distance so that information about small shifts will be lost.

The borehole probes developed by JCB are based on X ray fluorescence and offer the logging of the borehole immediately after drilling. The results are therefore available in time and can be transferred automatically into a deposit map. This enables an active control of the deposit reconnaissance.

OSLO Image Processing

JCB has developed a versatile image analysis system which can be easily adapted to the customerĀ“s requirement. Providing a customized command language, the user can realize his process control tasks easily by himself.

Sensor development

sensor boardMany machine manufacturer have a need for special sensor concepts lthough there is a good selection of sensors available on the market. J&C Bachmann is the right partner for product specific OEM developments.