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J&C Bachmann is a family-owned high-technology company based in Pforzheim, Germany. We are a recognized world leader in the development and production of measuring instruments for the mining industry.

Our X-ray fluorescence (XRF) products enable detailed analysis of materials in real time, significantly increasing efficiency in both targeted mining and quality control.

Due to our continuous growth, we are always looking for new talent to join our team in the areas of development and production or as field application engineers. In addition, we also offer working student positions in the same thematic area.

If you are interested or have any questions, simply fill out our form, send us an email to or give us a call.

PhD Project at the University of Manchester Job offers

In cooperation with the Data Analytics and Society Centre for Doctoral Training J&C Bachmann GmbH offers the following PhD project at the University of Manchester:

Reducing Environmental Risks in Mining Using Machine Learning and Data Fusion to Improve Tailings Analysis

After mine closure, tailings (mining waste) can contain elements like arsenic, lead or copper, and bear the risk of ground water pollution, soil contamination and other environmental damage. These lead to serious impacts on human health, environmental quality and disrupts socioeconomic development. To mitigate these dangers worldwide, tailings need to be analysed and potentially reprocessed – a highly topical issue that accompanies the mining industry today, and in the coming decades.

The classical way of tailings investigation is based on samples from holes drilled into the tailing’s bodies; these samples are then analysed in the laboratory. This is an expensive and complex process. J&C Bachmann has realized a push probe technique that analyses materials in the tailings without extraction. This technique drastically reduces the cost of tailings analysis and makes it more viable for governments and companies to progress on the issue. J&C Bachmann will provide real-world measurement data from measurement campaigns as well as lab analyses.

You can find detailed information about the project and how to apply at

The application deadline is 18th June 2023.

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