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Instrument for Debris Inline Analysis

Prospecting as well as founding ground investigations are frequently accompanied by drilling. The aim is to investigate the chemical composition of the drilled material. However, the analysis of the drilling debris in the laboratory is time-consuming and expensive.


Using the device INDIANA 125 which is based on the X-ray fluorescence analysis offers an elemental analysis already parallel to the drilling procedure.

The debris which is fed to the ground level is dewatered by a screen (if required) and then it is fed through the instrument by a screw conveyor.

The analyser INDIANA 125 determines the elemental composition and correlates the measurement to the depth of the drill head.

Therefore a depth profile of the borehole is generated during drilling which is stored in a database. If the system is connected to a GPS device then the profile can be used to generate maps of the investigated area.

Measuring Principle

The device consists of an X ray tube and an energy dispersive sensor. The radiation emitted by the X ray tube excites element characteristic radiation in the bulk material which is detected by the sensor. The sensor measures the energy (which indicates the element in the bulk material) and the intensity (which correlates to the percentage of the element in the bulk material). The evaluation software BOSTON calculates the material composition based on these signals.

The industrial computer can be linked to the control room using standard interfaces like IP, OPC, MODBUS, serial link or even 0(4)..20 mA. Since the debris is fed to the sensor continuously the screw conveyor feeds the material proportional to the depth of the drill head. Therefore the generated profile is truly depth correlated. The profile shows the presence of the elements of interest according to the depth.

The acquired profiles are stored in a SQL database. An function to export the profiles to other programs is provided. Therefore EXCEL compatible files which contain the relevant profile information can be generated easily. Other data formats can be provided on request.


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