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TEXAS is an online X-ray fluorescence device for the elemental analysis of bulk materials without sampling.

It can be mounted above main conveyor belts or at other feeding devices and analyzes continuously the elemental composition (Z>12) of the material.


The device is used as a tool for process control. It offers immediate information (24/7) about the process without time consuming sampling and analysis in the laboratory. However, it does not replace the laboratory but serves as a process tool for feed forward or feed back control.

The device is equipped with a rugged X-ray tube and a energy dispersive detector in a stainless steel box. The information acquired with the sensor is processed with the software suite MONACO by an industrial PC which can be linked to the control system by standard interfaces.

X-ray tubeCeramic, maximum voltage 65 kV
DetectorSilicon drift detector with internal cooling
Sensor enclosure 400 mm * 300 mm * 220 mm, stainless steel
SoftwareMONACO evaluation suite with SQL database
Operating temperature -20 - 45 °C (environment)
Electrical cabinetStainless steel cabinet, IP 65
600 mm * 600 mm * 250 mm
ComputerEmbedded Computer
OS Linux
Web Interface
Other interfaces (serial, IP, Profibus)
optionally available
Air conditionSolid state cooling unit for sensor/XRT
UPSUninterrupted power supply for power conditioning optionally available
Power requirements110 V/230 V, 1000 W
Belt width400 - 1.800 mm

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