Image Processing

In more than 10 years, our team of software engineers at J&C Bachmann has developed expertise and sophisticated tools in the field of image processing. We have developed a range of multi-sensor applications – highly specialized and broadly applicable.

The OSLO software is purely based on image processing for process control. It allows high-precision optical measurements of parts and components by utilizing high-resolution images and industry-grade lighting. Consequently, quality control can be improved, and material defects can be detected at an early stage. More information at OSLO.


The MALMÖ (Marine Litter Mönitoring) system utilizes an Android application to acquire a continuous stream of high-quality photos of a water area. It then uses AI image recognition technology to detect plastic particles in water. Malmö is the software used in the Marine Plast Ident Projekt.

For the OREGON product our team has developed multiple highly-reliable subsystems based on image processing and recognition. We have developed expertise in multi-camera image triangulation and fusing height profiles with X-ray transmission images to perform accurate object detection and classification. This simplifies the work of laboratories and makes, for example, the determination of volumes and contents of substances more efficient. More information at OREGON.

These are just examples in the field of image processing of how the mature team of highly-skilled software engineers at J&C Bachmann creates solutions that enable our customers to upgrade their processes to the next level and beyond.

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