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The name AUSTRIA is an acronym for “AUger Sampling Tool for Representative Inline Analysis”. Auger sampling means sampling a core sample directly from a truck or railroad car filled with coal or metal ore. The area of the truck or car from which the sample is extracted can be predefined or statistically varied. This type of sampling is regarded as representative if a sufficient number of samples is taken.

The measuring and sampling equipment is intended to measure more than 1.000 trucks per day. Therefore, the available measurement time per truck is limited. However, the parameter of interest is the average ash content of the truck samples, rather than the ash content in each individual truck, meaning that a smaller number of samples is necessary to estimate the average ash content.


The AUSTRIA automatic sampling system

The AUSTRIA automatic sampling system consists of an auto-positioning system for the trucks, an acousto-optic command system, a mechanical screw sampling device, an automatic sampling system, a position for mounting the TEXAS device, an automatic discharge system that returns the sample material to the truck, and an industrial computer with the necessary software.

The equipment is highly automated and intelligent, which can eliminate the effects of human error on the processes of coal and ore sampling and inspection, greatly improving the efficiency of raw material quality control and reducing the customer’s production cost.

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