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In the last three decades, the world economy has undergone a series of fundamental changes. Globalization and worldwide competition are driving companies to reduce production costs, and the rise of automation has produced additional challenges, as businesses must continually improve the efficiency of their processes to compete.

Online elemental analysis for monitoring production processes

As a result, to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace, it is necessary to monitor production processes closely and to develop closed-loop or feed-forward control strategies using sophisticated measurement devices.

J&C Bachmann recognized this demand a long time ago. The product lines that we offer do not only measure simple values such as the pressure or temperature, but also perform complex physical analyses by a combination of measuring techniques such as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray transmission or image processing in combination with artificial intelligence.

We offer solutions designed by our team of physicists, chemists, electrical, mechanical and process engineers. These solutions are equipped with software developed by our experienced IT department. Therefore, all of our devices can be individualized and tailored to customer requirements.

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