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Process engineering involves the identification and analysis of a complex set of measurement parameters that determine the outcome of a manufacturing process. The analysis of these parameters is a tedious task and often requires the constant attention of highly skilled personnel. A more cost- and labour-efficient alternative is the automation of these processes by means of sophisticated, spectroscopic measurement systems.

The development of such systems is one of the core competences of J&C Bachmann GmbH. Our devices are paired with sophisticated software that incorporates domain knowledge and the experience of our engineers, customer specifications, as well as artificial intelligence. At the same time, their use by trained staff is intuitive, guaranteeing that the process will run optimally even when experienced crew are not on duty.


An example of a measurement device offered by J&C Bachmann GmbH is the washability monitor OREGON. It produces washibility curves without the need for laboratory chemical analysis or the use of chemical reagents. This easy-to-use system models the relationship between size and density distribution of measured particles and allows users to make quick decisions based on changes in the raw material.

J&C Bachmann’s primary core competency is in the field of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, which can measure the chemical composition of a material by irradiating it with x-Rays. Additionally, we are able to provide instruments for automated optical inspection and image analysis, and our software is capable of fusing data from multiple sensors for the purposes of process control.

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