SAHARA (Sampling Hammer for Representative Analysis) is a device for automatic sampling of ore from a conveyor belt. Optionally, the reject of the split sample will be fed after crushing through a measurement device. The elemental analysis done with TEXAS is based on X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy. It is a fully automated, 24/7 on-line measurement device requiring only minimal human intervention. That way SAHARA delivers representative samples for laboratory analysis and in parallel the quality will be monitored continuously.


In general, it is proposed to use the hammer sampler SAHARA as replacement of manual sampling. SAHARA takes automatically a complete cross cut from the belt and feeds the material into a chute. Then the material is crushed and further sampled to obtain an always representative laboratory sample in the end.
SAHARA also is frequently used to provide a bypass stream on a small belt; the sample is then analyzed by TEXAS. So there are two options to install the TEXAS analyzer. It may be installed on the main belt or behind SAHARA. Both options have advantages.

Installation behind SAHARA allows a direct comparison between laboratory and online analysis; measurement directly on the belt gives instantaneous information on the quality without any sampling.
Sampling frequency as well as settings of the secondary sampler can be freely chosen on the SAHARA controller; also the size of the crushed material can be adapted to the application requirements. SAHARA is available for all typical belt width and speeds.

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