Acceleration Logging with Aggregated Sensors for Kinetic Analysis

The ALASKA device is a custom vibration monitoring solution for early detection of fatigued machine parts (engines, turbines, bearings), so that targeted and timely maintenance is possible.


Products ALASKA

ALASKA is a custom vibration monitoring solution. With ALASKA predicting maintenance gets easier.
Sensors read the vibrations of machines, which is recorded by our software. The data is transferred and processed accordingly to our mobile app.

It can be uses to diagnose rotating equipment like motors, bearings, gearboxes or wind turbines.

On the right is a list of the advantages of both versions.

On-Demand Operation24/7 Operation
Wireless DataExtra Durable
Battery Power
Wireless Charge
Magnetical Mount

Numerical Algorithms


Engineering Office experienced in

  • FFT
  • SHM
  • Denosing
  • Peak Detection

These algotithms come pre-loaded, but as an OEM Developer, J&C Bachmann will reseach and implement the algotithms required for your custom analysis.

Examples are:

  • motion sickness
  • motion otbits
  • others

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